Atlas Arteria 2021 Annual General Meeting

As a result of the continuing uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, including the risk of government imposed restrictions on numbers in venues and public gatherings, the Boards have decided to conduct Atlas Arteria's AGMs virtually through the Lumi AGM platform and there will be no physical location for Securityholders to attend. Securityholders will be entitled to participate in the AGMs online.


The AGMs will commence at 10.00am Melbourne time on 27 April 2021 and will be broadcast on the Atlas Arteria’s website.


Securityholders wishing to participate in the AGMs online (including by asking questions) through the Lumi AGM platform may do so from their computer or mobile device at


If you choose to participate in the AGMs online, you can login through the Lumi AGM platform by entering:

  • the meeting ID for the AGMs, which is 315992410;
  • your username, which is your security holder reference number (SRN) or holder identification number (HIN); and
  • your password, which is the postcode registered to your holding if you are an Australian Securityholder. If you are an overseas Securityholder, please enter your country code (as set out on the last page of the Computershare Virtual Meeting Guide via the button below). 


If you require assistance prior to or during the Meeting, please call the Lumi AGM helpline on +61 3 9415 4024.


Atlas Arteria is committed to ensuring Securityholders have the ability to actively participate in the AGM. All Securityholders will be able to ask questions and submit a proxy prior to the AGM, and provided you log into the Lumi AGM platform for the AGM, you will be able to ask questions and vote during the AGM.

Given the fluid regulatory environment with respect to the holding of meetings including in relation to technology, any changes to the way Securityholders are able to participate in the AGMs (including in response to any regulatory changes) will be announced by Atlas Arteria before the AGMs.

Important Notice:

You may nominate a representative of your choosing (who does not need to be a Securityholder) or the Chairs of the AGMs as your proxy.  If you return your Proxy Form but do not nominate a person as your proxy, the Chairs will be your proxy and will vote on your behalf as you direct on the Proxy Form.  If your nominated representative does not vote at the AGMs (or is not able to do so), then your proxy will revert to the Chairs.

You may direct your proxy how to vote on each resolution on your Proxy Form.  If the Chairs are your proxy and you choose not to mark the boxes instructing the Chairs how to vote, the Chairs will exercise these votes in the poll in favour of the resolutions, subject to the voting exclusion statement contained in the Atlas Arteria Notices of 2021 Annual General Meeting.

Important Information

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