3. People & Diversity


Providing diverse, inclusive and

engaging environment for our


Strong female representation in 2017 workforce

Our approach

The commitment and well-being of both our corporate employees and the employees of our  businesses is important for the effective performance of ALX.

ALX has a high calibre mangement team with global expertise located at its offices in Australia and Luxembourg, which together with the operational teams at the businesses themselves, provide the effective management required for an international portfolio of toll roads.

At our businesses, ALX appointed board representatives support the implementation of appropriate diversity, equality and employee engagement policies, including the employment and representation of women across all levels of the company.

ALX also adopts a Diversity Policy at the ALX board and management levels. Details of our progress are provided in ALX’s Corporate Governance Statement.

Promoting employee diversity and inclusion


  • APRR operates a pro-active policy on employee diversity and equal opportunities, with no tolerance of any form of discrimination.
    • All employees are provided with equal opportunities irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any non-merit based characteristics.
    • Dedicated management organisations have been put in place at APRR, including a "Diversity Committee", supported by a network of HR correspondents, managers and ambassadors.
    • APRR has developed and communicates to staff three expressed commitments to open mindedness, diversity and anti-discrimination.
  • APRR has adopted a series of diversity and equality benchmarks, including company-wide employee target of 50% female representation.
  • Improved diversity via recruitment:
    • Gender ratios: Over the last year, 1 in 4 applicants of jobs within the Group have been women. At the hiring stage, 1 in 3 people recruited are female.
    • Increased disability workers: Between 2014 and 2017, the number of registered workers with disabilities (RQTH) increased by from 146 to 185.
  • APRR and AREA have been granted the "Diversity Label" from Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR), France's national organization for standardization. More than 80 employees are now "diversity" ambassadors.
  • One of the company's eight executive committee members is female. The proportion of women on the Boards of Directors is now greater than 45% for both APRR and AREA.

ADELAC and AREA are managed by APRR and accordingly are included in APRR’s sustainability disclosures.

Dulles Greenway

  • The Dulles Greenway has written policies and reporting procedures to ensure employees work in an inclusive environment that is free of discrimination and any form of harassment.
  • Management hires and promotes staff based on demonstrated ability, experience and training, without regard to race, colour, national origin, religion, age, sex, disability, or any other status protected by law.

Warnow Tunnel

  • Warnow Tunnel has implemented a publically available Code of Ethics based on principles of mutual respect and trust with no appetite for any type of discrimination. It undertakes to operate a fair staffing policy that is compliant with legal requirements.

Increasing engagement through training and development


  • APRR offers equal opportunities to secure jobs and build careers to all personnel with the same levels of skills and professional experience.
    • Each year ~80% of APRR employees access at least one professional course, via more than 71,000 hours of training in 2017.
    • In 2017, over 700 employees have benefited from professional training, with a particular focus on safety training. Employees are assisted by 260 professional tutors who are also company employees.
    • promotion and mobility charter is adopted at APRR to facilitate employees' mobility within the Group, providing objective assessment methods and procedures.
    • Specific development plans for females have been implemented to ensure female talent is appropriately promoted.
    • APRR provides young workers with apprenticeships, work-study contracts and vocational skills programs, as well as initiatives to encourage graduate recruitment.
    • In an effort to counter the difficulties experienced by employees with disabilities, APRR has developed a proactive, long-term policy to facilitate recruitment, improve working conditions and help workers remain in employment and build careers.
    • Measures have been introduced to assist older workers, including in-house tutoring and training policies by employees over 45 to pass on their skills and knowledge to co-workers.
  • APRR was named "Best Employer 2017" in France by the business monthly magazine Capital within the transport sector, ranking fourth overall across all French employers. These rankings are based on an independent study of 20,000 employees from 2,100 companies of 500+ employees.
  • The average length of service of all APRR employees is approximately 19 years.

ADELAC and AREA are managed by APRR and accordingly are included in APRR’s sustainability disclosures.????????????

Dulles Greenway

  • TRIP II is in the process of implementing a new on-line employee training program which includes course content in the core subject areas of Workplace Safety, HR - Employment, Leadership and Customer Service.
    • In 2017 employees were offered training programs addressing road safety during adverse weather conditions, customer service and health and wellbeing.
  • The average length of service of all Dulles Greenway employees is nine years.

Warnow Tunnel

  • 94% of employees received training during 2017, tailored specifically to their developmental needs.
  • In October 2017 the Warnow Tunnel management organised a course promoting "Communication with our customer as a key for better health in the workplace" in order to ensure employees were well-equipped to handle customer enquiries.
  • In December 2017 cashier and customer support managers were offered English courses to improve their ability to respond to customer queries.
  • Other courses offered to employees during 2017 included First Aid refresher course, stress relief and management, customer engagement, and self-defence.
  • The average length of service of all employees is ten years, with many serving over 14 years in the company since 2003 when the tunnel commenced operations.
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