ALX’s approach to sustainability

ALX is committed to ensuring environmental and social risks are identified, assessed and managed responsibly.

Approach to Sustainability

At Atlas Arteria, we believe that many environmental, social and economic benefits arise from the responsible and sustainable development and operation of infrastructure. We are also aware that with these benefits lies the potential for risks which can have commercial, reputational and regulatory impacts on our business and affect the communities in which our portfolio companies operate.

Accordingly, the identification, assessment and responsible management of environmental and social risks is fundamental to our day-to-day business activities and an essential part of ensuring our long-term success, at both the ALX corporate level and at our portfolio companies.

We structure our sustainability approach into six focus areas that we consider to have a material impact on our portfolio and are key to our commitment of ensuring sustainable growth.

Our Sustainability Framework

How we assess, and manage ESR risks at our businesses

Our Sustainability Policies

Our ESR policies and procedures

Stakeholder Engagement

How we engage with our key stakeholders

Corporate Governance

Our governance responsibilities and policies

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